Staff Directory

Our Blackstone staff is highly committed to providing rigorous, in-depth, culturally relevant education to our students throughout the year. Our teachers instill the values of community in their classrooms and work with parents, community partners, and students to foster inclusive classrooms that support students individual learning needs.

Early Childhood Education
Catherine Belifore
Dana Griswold
Emily Pugsley
Colleen McCarthy
Sara Burns
May Harper
Michael Konig

Melanie McDermott
Mark Johnson
Sandra Marquez
Christine Coughlin

First Grade
Kurshan Cox
Lisa Ronga
Sophie Strassberg/Clayton Brown
Trisha Ssentongo

Second Grade
Colleen Kenney
Monica Flaherty
Casey Durand
Kellie Neary

Third Grade
Alexandra Sullivan
Danielle Morin
Francesca Baez
Tyler Poquette
Emily Sassola (CABA)
Alaina Bearden (CABA)

Fourth Grade
Elisabeth Gibson-Mueller
Desiree Vaughn
Kayla Clarke
Derek Norman

Fifth Grade
Emmie Lindholm
Michael Coughlin
Chris Swank
Kristen Fitzpatrick
Mary Nee

Olivia Chaffee, Art
Brandon Davis, Music
Julia Perlowski, Theater
Joel Richards, Technology
Nicolette McMaster, Physical Education & Health
Jason Arnold, Physical Education & Health
Maria Aguirre, Science

Instructional Support Staff
Maisy Suslavich
Vero Navarro, ESL
Denise Flores, ESL
Paula Leoni
Lorraine Moyo
Crystal Collier, Resource
Lisa Clarke, Strand Specialist
Jackie Emerson, Resource
Afra Khan, ESL
Michelle Blanchard, Strand Specialist

School Health Staff
Kellie Binczyk, Nurse
Camellia Brown, Nurse
Sarah Khoury, Nurse