For Families

There are many ways for Blackstone families to get involved: Join our Parent Council, School Site Council, or even our Parent Mentor Program!

Blackstone Parent Council

The Blackstone Parent Council meets once a month for a group discussion of school-related topics like school news, event planning, and fundraising. Meetings take place at 8:30 am in the Parent Center, and coffee is served. See our Events page for Parent Council Meeting dates. All parents are welcome to join!

All Blackstone parents are encouraged to join the Parent Council email list, even if you cannot attend the meetings. To add your name to the list, email us at  with your name, your child’s name, and the name of their teacher.

You can also follow the Blackstone Parent Council on Instagram: @blackstoneparents and Twitter: @BlkstneParents.

Blackstone School Site Council

The School Site Council is a group of elected parents, teachers, and community members who are tasked with voting on important school issues. All parents are welcome to attend any meetings of the School Site Council. See our Events page for Site Council Meeting dates and times.

Parent Mentor Program

Since the spring of 2017, St. Stephen’s Youth Programs has worked in collaboration with the Blackstone School on the Parent Mentor Program. In the PMP model, parents work in classrooms, develop their own leadership, and become more aware of conditions inside the school. Parents and schools build mutual trust.

The Parent Mentor Program begins with a week of Leadership Training. For the rest of the year, Parent Mentors work two hours a day supporting student learning in classrooms by leading small-group breakouts and working one-on-one with individual students. On Fridays, they meet to debrief the week and participate in leadership trainings.

Visit the St. Stephens Youth Programs website for more information on the Parent Mentoring Program!

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