Afterschool Programs

Partner Programs

Blackstone Partners with a number of after school care providers. These programs offer social and academic enrichment programs for our students throughout the year. Blackstone does not offer any in-house programming as of now, but we work closely with these partners to ensure students who attend the programs are supported academically and behaviorally.

The following are the after school programs available to Blackstone Students. Please click on the program names to visit their websites for more information and applications.

Program Alerts:

The following After School Programs are OPEN on March 16th. All programs will be closed during the BPS shut down.

St. Stephen’s Youth Programs (OPEN 3/16)
United South End Settlements (OPEN 3/16)***
Imajine That (OPEN 3/16)
Ellis Memorial (OPEN 3/16)
Blackstone Connects Community Center (OPEN 3/16)
Square Roots (OPEN 3/16)

***USES has a tentative re-opening date of 3/30/2020. They will notify families if they are unable to re-open on that date .

The following After School Programs are CLOSED on March 16th

Keylatch (CLOSED 3/16)
Funday Monday (CLOSED 3/16)

All South End Community Health Center After School Programs are CLOSED during the BPS shut down.

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