About the School

At the Blackstone Elementary School, we empower each other to learn, grow, succeed and become our best selves.  Working together, we foster the core values that lie within us; respect, unity, and excellence!

What Makes Our School Special

  • City Year, Generations, Inc., Boston Partners in Education and St. Stephen’s Parent Mentor Program providing in-class support.
  • NAEYC accredited early childhood education programs for students aged 3-5
  • Specialist curriculum in physical education, health, swimming, art, theater, music, and technology
  • State-of-the-art, school-based health center at the Dr. Gerald Hass-South End Community Health Center, including the new Room to Grow Early Childhoold development Center
  • Power Lunch and Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring programs
  • Several academic and enrichment After School programs (see AfterSchool Program page for more information)
  • Technology Goes Home for grades 4–5: parents have opportunities to take classes and earn a Chromebook upon completion
  • Family nights with various themes: Our award-winning Health & Wellness night, STEAM Night, Multi-Cultural Night, and Literacy Night
  • Counseling for students and families through the on-site South End Community Health Center
  • Home visits to build relationships with families and students
  • English as a Second Language for students, and SLIFE program
  • English Class for family members of students attend the Blackstone School offered through the Blackstone Community Center (see Parents tab for more information)

School Demographic Information

  • Approximately 580 students
  • We offer SEI, SLIFE, MD, and Inclusion classrooms
  • All inclusion classrooms have both teacher and paraprofessional
  • Two main languages spoken by Blackstone families are Spanish and English

K-8 Pathway:

  • Guaranteed assignment to grade 6 at the Timilty Middle School.

Special academic programs:

  • Integrated early childhood, K0-K2 (ages 3-5)
  • SLIFE: Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education
  • MD: Multiple Disabilities program for students K-5
  • SEI: Sheltered English Immersion

Before and after school programs in our building: